Premium Ads

1. Who can use Sellsbox Premium Paid Ads?

Any individual or business who meets Sellsbox Listing policy and Terms of Use can opt for Sellsbox Premium Listings.

2. Why should you use Sellsbox Premium Ads?

Premium ads help you make your ad more visible, reach out to more consumers and sell your product or service faster.

3. How can one select their product or service to be a Premium Ad?

To opt for a Premium ad, you need to first start posting your ad on Sellsbox. As part of the Post ad flow, you will have an option to either post your ad as a free ad or a Premium paid ad. At this stage, you can select for a Premium ad option.

4. How can I recognise a Premium Ad?

All Premium Ads are easily recognizable. Top of the page ad: As the name says, they appear right at the Top of each category’s ad results. They are further highlighted in blue for increased visibility.
You will see these symbols on the browse page, View ad page and in your ads section.

5. How do I pay for Premium Ads on Sellsbox?

Contact [email protected]

6. How long does my Ad remain as a Premium Ad?

All ads on Sellsbox stay on site for 90 days as long as they meet the Listing Policy and Terms Of Use of the website. All Premium ads stay as a Premium ad on the website for 30 days. And after the first 30 days they continue to be active on the site for another -30 days as a normal ad. ( Not in a premium position )

7. Can I continue to post free Ads on Sellsbox?

Yes, you can continue to post free ads on Sellsbox.

8. Can I renew my Premium Ad?

Yes, you can renew your Premium ad after 30 days.